Chaucer / Brexit

On the 23rd June 2016, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union.

The period following this vote has been one of the most turbulent in post-war history. With such an uncertain seismic change, it is only natural that businesses are seeking clarity.

We know that the majority of UK and EU based organisations are significantly exposed to the risks of Brexit-related change. The results of these changing political pressures must be understood in relation to operational processes.

We can help you through this change to the global order. Our solutions map and understand your organization, locate risks, validate resilience and design mitigative strategies.

Brexit: Stage 1

Business Modelling

Our business modelling approach enables us to gain an awareness of the pressures that currently impact your organisation and how you will be affected by Brexit.

Brexit: Stage 2

Operating Model Assessment

Your operating model defines the way teams deliver your strategic goals. We will work with you to capture and understand your current operating model, accurately identifying areas of Brexit related risk.

Brexit: Stage 3

Health Check

We are able to provide an independent view of your Brexit readiness by integrating and validating resilience in the lead up to Brexit, providing assurance and integrating best practice.

Brexit: Stage 4

Risk Management

Underpinning the above approach we will use our expertise in Risk Management methodologies to categorise and prioritise vulnerabilities identified during early stages of our solution.

If you’re concerned about where your exposure to Brexit lies, or simply want to know how best to mitigate it’s impacts, please contact us for more information ›