A review of the National Policing Technology Landscape

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Our client needed help with:

  • The Home Office, NPCC and APCC required assistance developing visibility across key programmes driving digital transformation in Policing and national security.
  • Chaucer was asked to ‘hold up a mirror’ to 6 National Policing Technology Programmes.
  • Clarity of strategic intent, ambition and timelines were required.
  • Independent recommendations were sought on how improvement to oversight, consistency and engagement could be made.

Our approach:

  • Chaucer worked collaboratively with programmes to articulate each of their strategies consistently.
  • By conducting a series of detailed workshops the team truly got under the bonnet of programme activity.
  • Stress-tested and validated resulting recommendations with key influencers across Policing.
  • Developed an integrated portfolio view that informed related communications activity.

The results:


Programme budgets


Related governance bodies


Key milestones and dependencies

How we delivered these results:

  • Landscape Mapping provided meaningful visibility of how the programmes linked together and clarified the strategic vision for each programme.
  • Greater visibility and understanding of planned programme activity was achieved.
  • Generated a map of capabilities under development across the end-to-end Policing journey map and brought it to life using crime visualisation scenarios.
  • Provided a coordination force based at the centre of programme activity.
  • Actionable insights and recommendations were provided to support decision-making.
  • The Landscape Mapping assignment was extended and expanded to encompass 17 programmes.

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