Delivering B2B loyalty-driving customer services

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Our client needed help with:

  • With business in the ASEAN market booming, growth and demand had soared, the aim was to win new clients, ensure and maintain the delivery of outstanding customer service.
  • The client wanted to boost client retention rates and loyalty.
  • How can they identify invisible business networks that offer the organisation insight into how top talent ‘influencers’ manage their clients?

Our approach:

  • Chaucer managed the integration of new analytical software, providing insights in a matter of days.
  • Chaucer analysed millions of logs to discover hidden relationships between employees and external partners.
  • Chaucer employed the internal use of their specialist data security team to develop a security best practices programme inline with each country’s regulations.

The results:


Faster identification of at-risk client relationships


Increase in client retention


Faster onboarding for new client reps


Complaint with data handling

How we delivered these results:

  • Using a partner’s network analytics tool, Chaucer was able to offer a 360-degree view of all communications internally and to the customer, flagging any accounts deemed at risk due to lack of correspondence.
  • Using the same contextual data, Chaucer developed a sales capability programme, in which sales reps with strong relationships could ‘upsell’ their services.
  • By redesigning the succession management process, faster onboarding of new sales reps could be achieved, resulting in a smoother transition of account ownership and less ‘sales downtime’.
  • Chaucer identified any risks associated with data breaches, detecting patterns of communication that fail to adhere to security best practices i.e. personal emails, attachments etc.

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