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Our client needed help with:

  • Digitalisation of the Back Office, Data Management and shared service environments after a 2 year programme to enhance their digital footprint.
  • Alongside this culture, intranet and tactical tools aligned to becoming a true ‘Digital’ organisation had not been addressed.

Our approach:

  • Chaucer Financial Services put together a clear roadmap of programme deliverables and activities to show a step change that could be achieved.
  • This approach utilised Digital FinTech and market solutions across the Bank to deliver both cost savings as well as Digital Transformation.
  • Competing silos, inflight projects and programmes and business functions were brought together under a new £18m programmes of change and transformation to address the Back Office and Organisation Digitalisation.

The results:


Programme of improvements


Run cost savings per year


Additional cost saving in year 2


Further projects agreed through newly implemented design authority

How we delivered these results:

The approach worked across 4 phases:

  • Vertical Analysis – assessment and re-engineering of processes and activity based costings.
  • Horizontal Analysis – vendor assessment and rationalisation, supplier management model, synergy across divisions and functions, shared services review and back office outsourcing.
  • Quick Wins – digital roll out of solutions, back office automation, business case confirmation, delivery of quick wins.
  • Long term solutions – process and strategic enhancements, data management using FinTech, sourcing execution, fit for purpose review and delivery.

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