Exploiting “hidden” capacity without impeding productivity

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Our client needed help with:

  • The workplace team struggled to persuade business leadership that a recently opened headquarters building had additional capacity
  • To realize a significant cost saving opportunity, they had to find space for 300 people
  • Business concerns about the impact on employee “overcrowding” resulted in an impasse

Our approach:

  • Used physical access control (security badge) data to model attendance
  • Built occupancy simulations based on known departmental assignment to the headquarters
  • Incorporated leave data from HR systems to help to correct the access control data
  • Created sensitivity analyses to explain the risk profile of different levels of occupancy to the COO

The results:


additional people accommodated in headquarters immediately

350 – 700

person available capacity identified and rigorously demonstrated


annual cost saving


more people brought in to the location over the next 18 months

How we delivered these results:

  • Twelve months of historic security badge data was analyzed and compared to HR leave data to categorize individual attendance patterns.
  • Existing space plans were reviewed alongside original design inputs (staff surveys, capacity models etc.) and compared to the attendance implied by the badge data
  • Service and regulatory capacity was reviewed and potential bottlenecks identified. This included bathroom facilities, elevator performance, catering, on-site third party service (e.g. dry cleaning, hair salon), fire safety, meeting rooms, HVAC and smoking rooms
  • Presented the results to the COO as a statistical analysis of the potential capacity before reaching a limiting constraint. This showed an available capacity of between 350 and 700

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