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Our client needed help with:

Moving from a global separate business cluster operation to a model with a stronger centralised group focus for the common tasks and policy setting, whilst enhancing HR strategic partnership with the business and maintaining specialisms.

Our approach:

  • We realised that business benefit would be derived from technology alignment, convergence by means of an extended roll-out across the group and by reducing spend on external vendors.
  • Chaucer Financial services proposed a programme of HR transformation to increase operation efficiency and reduce overall costs.

The results:


Reduction in expenditure on external technology vendors


Reduction in attrition and HR run costs


Reduction in process costs (FTE & efficiency)

How we delivered these results:

  • Quickly mobilized a team to establish a full programme management office
  • Designed and instituted a new governance structure to more efficiently support project decision making.
  • Implemented programme delivery assurance architecture and provided better visibility, momentum and focus on results.
  • Provided dedicated project management support throughout all programme transformation work streams for the design phase.
  • Ensured there was an overarching and integrated implementation approach.

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