Major Infrastructure project implements best in class risk management

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Our client needed help with:

  • A high profile transport infrastructure programme identified a need to pro-actively manage project risk.
  • The Government funded project was subject to close scrutiny and needed robust evidence of risks faced and the potential time and cost exposure faced by the programme.
  • A geographically spread programme team needed a cohesive and consistent approach to be applied when identifying and assessing risk.
  • With a programme period of over 10 years and capital expenditure exceeding £20B the project risk management process was seen as a critical element of control.

Our approach:

  • The Chaucer team developed the project risk management process that would serve as a framework across the organisation.
  • Working across the organisation the Chaucer consultants facilitated risk identification workshops and provided guidance on project risk management best practice.
  • At the delivery level Chaucer have been instrumental in developing quantitative cost risk models that enable the client to understand the cost exposure that is likely.

The results:


Projected total project cost


Economic benefit to UK


People directly employed

How we delivered these results:

  • A well defined risk management process ensures that as the programme organisation grows project risk management will be applied in a consistent manner.
  • Undertaking quantitative analysis at an appropriate level ensures that senior management are fully briefed on both potential time and cost exposure.
  • Identifying key integration risks across the programme ensures future phases of development will benefit from previous experience.

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