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Our client needed help with:

  • Setting up and making operational a sustainable Portfolio Management Office to ensure robust delivery of programmes with a defined change management approach.
  • The set up and management of Portfolio Governance, Assurance and Control to give confidence in Programme Delivery.
  • Building in house Portfolio Management capability to make processes and practices sustainable leading to the planning and implementation of a phased hand over to the client organisation.

Our approach:

  • Chaucer reviewed the needs of both the newly created portfolio comprising three national digital Policing programmes and national governance requirements.
  • We built a multi-functional team, to focus on the delivery of Communications, Change Management, Finance, Programme management, control and assurance functions.
  • Throughout the build and operation of the PMO, we managed engagement with senior stakeholders, coached programme teams on best practice and coordinated the recruitment of client organisation members.

The results:


Saving on annual delivery costs


Saving by improved scope management


Portfolio funding managed by the PMO

How we delivered these results:

  • A fully functional PMO team that built good working relationships with programme teams & advised on best practice tools for programme planning, control & assurance.
  • Processes and materials in place for the delivery of key Communications across UK Policing and to senior Central Government stakeholders.
  • A Change network established across UK Policing that enabled the assessment of Force readiness for the receipt of new capabilities delivered by the Portfolio.
  • Financial controls & reporting in place providing visibility of planned & actual expenditure, against budget, in a timeframe that allowed action to mitigate potential risks.
  • Senior decision makers had the information needed to make key decisions at the right times
    Planned, transitioned and embedded all PMO roles and responsibilities in the client organisation.

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