Service Centre Process Assessment and Baselining

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Our client needed help with:

  • Extracting and validating data from IVR and CRM systems
  • Baselining handling time performance for five different global locations for repetitive tasks
  • Developing the business cases for migrating human-based services to automated solutions, including RPA

Our approach:

  1. Scoped the process and established key metrics related to the processes
  2. Conducted detailed process mapping exercises
  3. Collected process volumetric, quality, and cost data
  4. Generated ideas for different ways by which customers could be serviced compared to the “as is”
  5. Developed business cases for the highest ranking ideas and presented them for feasibility assessment

The results:


Data line-items extracted and analysed to understand process volumetric and quality performance


Separate business cases approved to remove human processing of enquiries


Opportunity for annualised labour cost reduction across the service centres

How we delivered these results:

The key to success on this project was through engagement with the in-role Business Analysts so that all parties could co-develop the understanding of the data being mined and analysed to derive insight. By working together in this way, when presenting the business case metrics, a high-level of assurance was given to senior stakeholders that allowed them to trust predictions, whilst equally accepting the degree of risk in the recommendations.

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