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In order to grow businesses need to innovate. A constant stream of new people, processes, business practices and solutions to fix constantly changing problems. At Chaucer our aim is to use digital transformation and data to create value for our clients and we want to acknowledge that in the innovative projects and programmes we encounter.

Chaucer’s strength has always come from its commitment to innovation, we want to be the disrupters, not the disrupted. Our clients expect us to be at the cutting edge. We want to recognise businesses who are doing something new and meeting us there.Christopher Laslett, CEO, Chaucer

Digital Innovation is important to us, this year we were recognised as one of the top digital consultancies by the Financial Times. However, Digital Innovation isn’t purely the stomping ground of consultants and we want to recognise excellence wherever we find it.

We have decided to establish our own awards recognising Digital Innovation. The Chaucer Digital Innovation Awards are our way of seeking out cutting-edge projects and rewarding them. We have focused on two categories, North America and International, to give us scope to find true innovation globally.

After consideration by a panel of judges and nominations from our employees and partners we have selected two winners, we want to congratulate the State of Hawaii and BMT for being the first ever Chaucer Digital Innovation Awards winners. Find out more about their innovative projects below.

Winner of the North America category

State of Hawaii: IT Roadmap InitiativeChanging the Way Government Is Run in Hawaii using Roadmapping in SharpCloud

The State of Hawaii Office of Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) developed this initiative to improve the state’s IT governance process and promote organizational change using a strategic plan by means of data visualization.

A strategic roadmap to aid communication within the agency was created to facilitate planning of IT projects across all state executive branch departments and enhance government transparency.

The state-wide dashboard is published on the ETS website and provides an overview of each executive state department’s IT projects with timelines, status, and financial breakdowns.  The Roadmap documents over $400 million of IT spend and shows the public whether each project is on track, ahead, or behind, and who is responsible.

Todd Nacapuy, Chief Information Officer, says the tool went live in January and allows agencies to comply with 2016 legislation, requiring strategic planning and greater IT transparency by state agencies.

Last year, the strategic planning through the use of the roadmaps saved the State of Hawaii over $11 million.  This year to date it has saved the state an additional $14 million.

Winner of the International Category

BMT: InnovationHow SharpCloud has changed BMT’s approach to Innovation.

To support their formal innovation strategy, BMT needed a platform they could use as a communication tool and repository for content and information. As a big organisation, they needed more open communication and collaboration to meet client’s needs and avoid missing any opportunities.

This business solution needed to be attractive to use; different (no more email or bulletin boards), intuitive, easily accessible, worthwhile using and require minimum training. From a business point of view, it had to be a visually interactive platform that could capture relationships, who’s doing what, their location and link people to strategic business objectives. SharpCloud acts as a visual database/repository for day to day innovations and is also designed to encourage communication.

Michael Barry, Technical & Innovation Manager, says SharpCloud has helped us to save time and money and be more efficient in identifying achievable innovations, using this open channel of communication, collaboration and transparency.

Being seen as an organisation actively supporting innovation has been met positively, and BMT has vastly improved it’s position from organic innovators to offering a much more coordinated and advanced solution.

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