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“A large part of our digital journey and success has been underpinned by our purpose of connecting people and business value to technology and data to elevate people’s experience and impact our share price. Chaucer have been a key partner in driving our transition to this through a consumer led and value driven digital team and a fun environment. They have been central to helping us lead in creating digital products, both at the innovating edge pushing boundaries of what we see in Silicon Valley as well as at the heart of our digital core.”

Chief Product Officer

Chaucer was recently nominated for an MCA award in “Data and Innovation in the Private Sector” as a result of our significant contribution to the growth and development of one of the world’s seven oil and gas “supermajors”, in the digital space.

The Challenge

In an ever-changing industry where companies are having to embed digitisation in their DNA and employees’ mindset, our client wanted to implement new agile ways of working to drive opportunities for future operational efficiency and lay the digital foundations of their future business. They had commenced a series of experiments and Chaucer was selected as a strategic partner to accelerate this digital journey, not only as digital leaders but an AI centre for exploration studies.

Having a strong, collaborative relationship with the client was to our advantage; we were armed with unmatched insight into their business model, existing challenges, and opportunities.


Chaucer created a multi-disciplinary, cross functional team to accelerate the transformation programme.

Our client wanted to streamline and standardise their data in making investment decisions that would ultimately drive their market share. Our expert team worked with our client’s product and design teams to reinvent the way employees applied technology and data to facilitate their work. We optimised their use of data, established frameworks, and embedding algorithms to automate processes in typically resource-heavy activities, exposed to human bias. Our client’s employees were better able to manage their flow of work, information was more readily accessible which empowered a community of scientists to transfer their domain expertise into the AI world through the automation of prediction models.

To truly propel our client into the position of a digital leader, we facilitated the establishment of partnerships with innovative technology giants. This enabled them to build in-house capabilities to become an AI centre for the execution of key reservoir management studies.

As part of the transformation, our client wanted to move into a user-centric world of agile software development, accelerate the velocity of products deployed and improve employee experience. People are at the heart of every digital transformation; we collaborated and helped teams to adopt entrepreneurial, user-oriented mindset, working with a degree of uncertainly and exploring the art of the possible with software and data. We were able to successfully implement agile and DevOps principles by encouraging a rapid experimentation approach to developing new products.

The Results

Improved employee experience

We have supported the development of artificial intelligence (AI) products to transform our client into a digital leader in Energy. We established better ways of working and enabled teams to deliver products to user groups much faster, incorporate user feedback and develop the agility to terminate initiatives if assumptions were incorrect or there were strategic changes in direction. Across the organisation, teams transitioned from a “product” to an “experience” mindset.

Faster decision making

We helped our client to accelerate investment decision-making and supercharge their exploratory activities by providing digital tools and access to data and technology. With a better integrated ecosystem and optimised access to information, our client has been able to model predictive business outcomes, assess opportunities and grow.

Continuous innovation

By fostering valuable partnerships with market-leading technology firms, we have enabled the co-creation of capabilities, expertise, intelligent platforms, and digital trust. This promotes a culture of continuous innovation in line with technological changes and improvements in the market, the requirements of a truly digital organisation.

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