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One of the world’s seven oil and gas “supermajors”. It is a vertically integrated company operating in all areas of the oil and gas industry, including exploration and production, refining, distribution and marketing, petrochemicals, power generation and trading. It also has renewable energy interests in biofuels, wind power and solar technology.

The Challenge

Being such a large company spread over so many countries, our client wanted to find a way to engage their employees and tap the wealth of knowledge and expertise that was at their fingertips yet currently out of reach.

We were tasked with developing a global ideation platform that would encourage continuous improvement and innovation far into the future.

The Solution

We successfully designed, built and implemented a new global platform for ideation and continuous improvement. The platform supports the crowdsourcing of ideas that are leading to increased safety, cost and efficiency savings and production gains, the key industry drivers.

The team employed a fail fast, agile approach to delivery, looking for new and innovative ways to deliver value to the client. We built strong and lasting relationships with all stakeholders of the business, IT teams and external vendors alike.

We gathered detailed and easily accessible insights into Product Management through our SharpCloud visualization tool making giving a stakeholders access to ongoing development and data insight into the project. This development of bespoke reporting to allowed data driven insights at the touch of a button.

Due to our strong long-lasting relationship and our insights into the brands persona we developed communications and marketing plan to ensure every employee became aware and engaged. Some of the methods used were; eye-catching launch campaigns, webcasts, videos and branded collateral among others.

We worked collaboratively with operational business teams to seamlessly transition from ‘project’ to ‘business as usual’.

The Results

  1. $800m of potential value generated through crowdsourced ideas
  2. 18k+ employees globally with access to the product
  3. 700+ Innovation ideas submitted ranging from incremental improvements to transformation opportunities
  4. 1200 People tuned into launch webcast

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