Commendation at the MCA Awards 2018

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We are excited to announce our success at the recent MCA awards. Richard Thwaite, our Managing Partner for our digital offerings, was highly commended for the Digital & Technology Consultant of the Year award. We want to congratulate Richard on his success and a well-earned commendation from the MCA.

Richard Thwaite has only been a consultant since February 2015, having spent most of his career working in technology at Ford Motor Company (21 years), UBS (7 years) and the Metropolitan Police Service (2 years).

However, whilst at Chaucer he has won and led a highly successful project worth over £3m with the Home Office and National Police Chiefs Council/Association of Police and Crime Commissioners that commenced in March 2016 and is due to continue through to December 2018.

He has won the confidence of all his stakeholders in what is a highly complex, politically sensitive and technologically challenging area, whilst delivering a ground-breaking portfolio oversight and project management approach that provides clarity around an area that has been historically siloed, and has enabled the disparate technology programmes to come together and interact to deliver complementary services and engage the end users of the capabilities in new and innovative ways.

Based on his understanding of client needs, Richard has built and grown a new brand, Chaucer Digital within Chaucer Consulting, that has over 2 years grown to an annual revenue of over £5m comprising mostly new clients to Chaucer.

With this brand, Richard has introduced new capabilities that Chaucer is able to offer with the development of a team of skilled SMEs and the creation of the CIO Advisory and Data Privacy practices, both of which are showing significant growth, and which will be further enhanced with a new Data Analytics offering that he is currently developing.


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