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Crisis Optimisation

The COVID-19 crisis represents a grand natural experiment for the digital workplace.

How we worked before lockdown may not be how we are working now, but there is no doubt that after a few teething problems, we're not only working, but working effectively.

  • How do we make sense of the impact that lockdown has had on our organisation and our people?
  • What can we learn from how our people adapted their tools and processes to continue to get the job done?
  • How do we formalise new processes from improvised workflows and rebuild governance and KPIs?
  • How do we keep our people engaged and meaningfully connected to each other now that it's the rule to work from home rather than the exception?

Amidst all the turbulence and turmoil there is an opportunity – to learn faster, build better and turn adversity into an engine for transformative change.

Crisis Optimisation is a four-stage program that puts a lens over your people, systems and processes and compares their behaviour and performance before and after the COVID-19 lockdown to identify actionable insights which can inform, inspire and catalyse lasting organisational change.

You will never learn more about your organisation, the way it works and the ways it doesn’t, than you will right now.


Behaviour and performance before and after lockdown.

Crisis Optimisation begins with a comprehensive deep dive into your data and systems to diagnose those areas of the organisation where the crisis has had the greatest impact.

These actionable insights will expose the failure of established processes, systems and networks as well as highlight the emergence of new ways of working, new collaborations, and new leaders.

We'll map your current high level business/operating model canvas (People, Process, Technology) and analyse the key systems and data sources (Collaboration/Messaging/ERP/CRM/Workflow) that support your business processes to identify, through a pre- and post-crisis comparison, how the behaviours and performance of your people have been impacted.

Through detailed Organisational Network Analysis (ONA) and Process Data Mining our data scientists and change experts are able to tell the story of how the organisation-on-paper differs from the organisation-in-practice.


Turning insights into action.

The actionable insights are a roadmap for change.

During a crisis, leaders often find it hard to understand which impacted areas they should prioritise, and our actionable insights help improve the speed and effectiveness of decision making. By combining an overview of how the organisation works in practice with a diagnostic approach to identifying problem areas, we are able to implement an organisational triage system which helps leaders prioritise, troubleshoot and overcome their most immediate challenges.

Our analysis of the impact on behaviours and performance shows not only those routine tasks and processes which were impacted by the circumstances of COVID-19, but also which clusters of employees responded best, how they adapted and evolved their behaviours and relationships with other functions, and which key individuals had the greatest influence.

This insight is critical in identifying emerging new leaders in the organisation - those people with the initiative to solve problems, evolve new ways of working, and persuade others to do the same. By engaging these hidden leaders in qualitative interviews, the organisation can develop a deeper understanding of the attributes and skills needed in the new distributed workforce and create informed employee personas which will in turn support workforce planning and form the bedrock of any new organisational design.


Future-proofing your enterprise

You’ve made the initial transition to remote work but how do you get teams working as well as they used to?

Understanding how your people have already begun to reshape your organisation for their new normal of remote working means we can help you begin to apply their lived experience to rapidly evolve your entire organisation, not just certain pockets and silos.

We'll undertake an end-to-end value stream analysis, scrutinising existing and emerging activities across the organisation to separate those that add value from those that create waste, and we'll explore the impact of these on your technology and digital platforms.

Any significant impact on the workplace environment demands a shift in how leaders show up. We'll consider what all this means for stakeholders, governance and decision-making frameworks and we'll implement a coaching programme to help leaders adapt their role to the evolving model; cope with issues like uncertainty, isolation, communication, and burnout; and aim for measurably higher productivity and engagement from their teams as a result - not just today, but in a month or six months from now.


Embedding the new model

Finally, we work with you to ensure that change takes root in the organisation by supporting you embed and drive the new organisational design. 

From training and coaching on new ways of working, to supporting technology implementation and set-up, we ensure that the transformation has employee buy-in, with high levels of adoption and engagement. 

At the end of the process we review the organisation’s progress with respect to new and existing KPIs, and provide you with tools to repeat, refine and track the process in future.

Together we develop and communicate a new model that will transition the organisation away from its improvised crisis posture and transform it into a progressive Crisis Optimised organisation.

Because we believe in security-by-design, a cybersecurity expert is embedded in the project team from beginning-to-end, advising and co-creating to ensure that new models are absolutely secure and that business continuity is maintained.

To find out how crisis optimisation could work for your business, please complete the form below and a member of the team will be in touch.

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