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Customer Xperience Xceleration:
Three keys to success

Customer experience is a field that has been researched to death. It seems intuitive that improving the customer experience should increase revenue and the bottom line, but research shows that very few companies are getting it right. This failure is magnified even further in a B2B environment where customer journeys can be more complex and comprise of multiple people across multiple paths.

Our CXX solution delivers in three key areas and helps you to design and implement improved experiences for your customers.

CXX: Stage 1

Account Relationship Analytics

Having strong, trusted networks of relationships with multiple buyers and influencers in a client can transform loyalty, revenue and profit. This is the “sharp end of the spear” that builds trust and engagement early in the relationship.

We will help you benchmark the relationship for moment of truth touchpoints against millions of global company data points to drive account and manager specific actions to help you transform the relationship.

CXX: Stage 2

B2B Network Analytics

In a B2B environment only a fraction of your relationships, between you and your customers, are captured in your CRM and Loyalty systems. The Moment of Truth touchpoints are spread across a number of different “customers” some of whom are hidden from your knowledge.

We use inter-company social and network analysis algorithms to assign a bi-directional trust score to every interaction to identify key relationships and relationship weaknesses across buyers and influencers.  You can then measure, visualise and analyse the intra and inter company networks and their development providing richness to support CX Management.

CXX: Stage 3

Measure, Manage and Transform the Customer Experience

Move beyond customer journey mapping and UX design to more integrated management of the full customer experience.

We use leading edge tools to design and visualise customer journeys at multiple levels and through multiple tracks that then create a “line of sight” between customer experience and how the operational processes.  With the ability to link and integrate data from across the organisation to provide journey analytics and dashboards, you can assess the impact of changes and prioritise improvements with the ability to measure the impact.

If you think that our CXX solution can help you to accelerate benefits and improve your customers’ experience, please contact us for more information ›

Companies that have undertaken customer experience transformations have reduced cost to service by 10%-20% and seen revenue growth of 10%-15%Source: McKinsey

86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a better experience. Only 1% feel vendors can meet their expectationsSource: Forbes

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