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Maximising your Mergers & Acquisition benefits with Chaucer’s PMI services

Opinion Piece by Paul Burke, Senior Vice President, Chaucer America Inc

Global Mergers & Acquisition (M&A) activity in the most part of 2018 hit a new high, particularly in the energy, healthcare and technology sectors (Financial Times, September 28, 2018).

And the trend looks set to continue in 2019 – in the pharmaceutical sector alone, there has recently been a significant increase in M&A activity:

At Chaucer, we understand the objective of these deals in improving product pipelines and market position. We believe that developing a comprehensive M&A strategy is vital for companies wishing to maximise on the numerous potential benefits.

However, it is worth remembering that not all M&A deals add value. The value of your M&A will struggle to be fully realised if the integration fails to move quickly or if business continuity is not maintained.

Given the risks, it’s vital that your deal is managed by someone with a proven post merger integration (PMI) track record, who understands the scale and scope of your integration and can manage the strategic and delivery challenges present.

How we can help

Chaucer has been managing post-merger integration activities for top tier Pharma companies for over ten years.

With a repeatable and tested approach in delivering M&A goals, we understand the importance of ensuring speed and quality of delivery, controlling related costs while maintaining overall business continuity. We have the experience, the tools and the cost effective sourcing models which can be adjusted to meet your specific needs.

Our PMI services includes PMOFlex, designed to establish the governance, assurance and control of any integration program you choose to implement; and our Discover>Design>Deploy 3D integration toolset, built to drive the migration of content and retirement of legacy systems whilst maintaining operations and regulatory compliance.

We also have the benefit of SharpCloud to accelerate the deployment of these services, giving us the ability to provide a structured, tested and effective approach to delivering your M&A aims.

Our PMI services, coupled with our experience, makes us better positioned than ever before to help you protect and maximise the value of your deal.

For more information on our PMI capability, please click here or email Paul Burke with your questions.

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