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Your strategy matters. When technology and data driven change needs to happen, we are here to provide the expertise and advice you need.

It’s critical to differentiate between disruption and pure-play disruptors such as Square, Airbnb or Uber. Companies must understand where they reside, where they want to go and establish a roadmap.

The investments you make are critical: they must support your strategy and they must scale to the task. With the right capabilities you can keep pace with your customers and the expectations of your business.

But we recognise that technical capabilities aren’t everything. Strong technical tools such as data analytics, cyber security and data loss prevention are crucial, but there is also a need for a strong and adaptive culture.

Your organisation must align its structures, talent development, funding mechanisms, and key performance indicators with the digital strategy it has chosen.

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  • Digital Innovation
    Our starting point is to establish a clear definition of what digital is and what it means to your organisation: First, where will the most interesting digital opportunities and threats open up? Second, how quickly and on what scale is the digital disruption likely to occur? Third, what are the best responses to embrace these opportunities proactively and to reallocate resources away from the biggest threats? We can help you to foster collaboration with other business leaders to define the strategy, deploy technology and processes to scale capabilities, build a fast, agile and innovative culture, and find the talent to support a high organisational Digital Intelligence.
  • Your Data Journey
    We can help you define every stage of your data journey. We start with the definition of your data strategy, so that it provides a solid framework which defines how data will support your business objectives. Next, we look at data governance, helping you to define ownership and standards that apply across your data landscape. Then we look at data management: the mechanics that will drive the strategy. We help you to consider how you will treat data as a valuable asset: how will you assure quality and integrity? We look at how you can protect your data, from the point of view of data privacy compliance and cyber security in general. And the reason for doing all of this? So we can help you to extract meaning from your data through analytics and business intelligence.
  • Digital Analytics
    Today’s marketing and customer analytics are driving insights that convert browsers into buyers and customers into brand champions. We can help you tap into marketing and customer data analytics and realise powerful, actionable insights. We develop a robust analytics strategy for customer management, retention and increasing levels of customer spend. We deliver business-critical analytical investigations into customer purchasing and loyalty behaviour. We implement new data visualisation tools. We review processes and propose improvements to support data-driven decision making and better governance structures. We transfer our experts’ knowledge and mentor teams to embed new ways of working with analytical tools and templates.
  • GDPR & Data Privacy
    We bring visibility through an end-to-end evaluation of your data privacy process. We provide expert counsel in deep content inspection and policy-based information management. We help you classify your information, with tracing and tracking to enforce relevant policy-based actions. We help with data loss prevention and adaptive cyber protection. We provide a sustainable solution through a clear and workable data privacy framework, a repeatable audit methodology and an end-user education programme. We help you tackle questions of governance and engage your stakeholders in defining and adopting solutions that will assure compliance. Find out more about our GDPR & Data Privacy services ›
  • Cyber Security
    Our expert cyber security team works closely with you to ensure that you have a properly informed, risk and resilience-led cyber security strategy with clear governance and accountabilities. We offer security auditing and assessments against all industry and regulatory standards, such as ISO27001 and PCI DSS. We use the emerging cyber security best practice standard PAS555 to support your compliance initiatives, identify areas for improvement and help deliver improvement plans. We can help identify and develop effective cultural solutions to reduce the cyber risk created by the actions of your people, including social engineering vulnerability assessment, behavioural analysis and development of an effective security culture. Our cyber security education and training focuses on the human elements of security and the actions your people can take to protect themselves and your company’s assets.
  • Office of the CIO
    We analyse the technology assets and business processes across your organisation, so that we can recommend improvements to increase efficiency of both infrastructure and process. We offer advice on your IT investment decisions to support your overall strategic objectives.You need your business and IT to be fully aligned and we can help all parties, business and IT alike, to understand and feel ownership for delivering the changes. We help you implement the recommendations and solutions, so that you realise the return on investment in the shortest time possible. We evaluate the success of new processes and technologies to verify that they are delivering the planned returns and if they are not, we can help you get back on plan.

Any business aspiring to be a digital leader requires a realistic technology strategy that is supported by clear and understandable objectives .Richard Thwaite, Director of Technology: Chaucer Digital

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