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Complying with the GDPR to protect the rights of EU residents should not cause unnecessary financial burdens for businesses. A cost effective solution can be to outsource, through a shared DPO service.

What is a Data Protection Officer?

Your Data Protection Officer holds an active role in an organisation, advising on and monitoring compliance with GDPR and other data privacy regulations (for example, PECR / ePrivacy / DPA2018).

They establish audit controls and KPIs, and perform regular assessments of areas of greatest risk, especially new processing activities. If you are audited, or if there is a breach, your DPO’s ability to demonstrate compliance will be critical.

Do I need a DPO?

If any of the following statements are true about your organisation, then you may fall within the scope of Article 37 and need a DPO:

  • My core activities relate to regular and systematic monitoring of individuals, on a large scale
  • My core activities consist of processing (on a large scale) sensitive data or data relating to criminal convictions/offences
  • I am a public authority

Can’t I just employ my own DPO?

Certainly, and it is always good practice to hire from within where possible. However, like many organisations, you might not need a full time DPO, or your processing activities might require a level of expertise that is proving challenging and expensive to recruit for.

When appointing a DPO, it is essential to ensure that:

  • their data privacy expertise is proportionate to the type and complexity of the processing they will be advising on. This can be questioned and must be defended in the case of a breach or audit.
  • they are independent from your leadership team, to operate outside of internal politics which can affect the ability to make difficult but necessary changes. Therefore C-suite and Board members cannot also be your DPO.
  • they possess in-depth knowledge of the GDPR and European and UK data protection legislation.

What can Chaucer’s Shared DPO service deliver?

Our 3-tiered fixed price service is based on proven results rather than being restricted by the number of hours. All delivered by our experts, who work with you by:

DPIA Awareness

Risk Management

Policy Review

Privacy Framework Management

Breach Communications

Incident Management

Compliance Management

Controls Management

Best Practice

  • tailoring your service. No two businesses are the same, and your DPO requirements will change with growth, reshaping and external influences
  • bringing a truly independent voice that will help to protect your interests and give you confidence your organisation is compliant
  • advising on best practice, with insights from both within and outside of your industry
  • being on hand with advice for any business or technology changes (including cyber security)
  • providing out-of-hours coverage for emergency breach reporting and mitigation
  • ensuring industry-relevant advice, including any other data privacy legislation you must adhere to
  • using our cloud based Data Privacy NavigatorTM to demonstrate your compliance, and help process SARs and other BAU processes
  • offering the service in English, French and German

In addition to our traditional areas of Financial Services, Life Sciences, Energy, Tech, Media & Telco, and Government, we also specifically support the health care and education sectors, charity, marketing and media, recruitment, gaming, cryptocurrency and eCommerce.

By choosing Chaucer’s Outsourced DPO service, you can have the assurance that 30+ years of expertise brings, while saving you time and remaining within your budget.

Which service is the best for me?

Our data privacy team are at hand to discuss your specific processing activities and business particulars, to provide an accurate quote for shared DPO services.

Level 1: Essential DPO Service

  • Ideal for smaller organisations with lower processing volumes, and who are only operating in a small number of EU member states.
  • Designed to give you enough coverage with regular reporting and updates and emergency breach management, without charging for time you don’t need.

Level 2: Business DPO Service

  • Ideal for medium sized organisations who process larger volumes of data, generally across more than 3 EU member states and routinely transfer data outside the EU.
  • More coverage with increased reporting and updates and full service emergency breach management. Includes implementation of legislative change and management of all 3rd party vendors in relation to compliance.

Level 3: Enterprise DPO Service

  • Ideal for larger institutions, or those wanting to cover their global operations with subsidiaries in several countries, including outside of the EU.
  • Offering confidence to the most involved Boards. DPOs are suitably experienced to manage the complexity of the challenges your business faces. Includes implementation of changes, training and setting up transfer mechanism between your overseas organisations.

Shared Group DPO Service

In certain circumstances under the GDPR legislation, groups of similar organisations are allowed to share a Data Protection Officer. For more information about Chaucer’s Shared Data Protection Officer service, ideal for a group of 5 or more clinics, practices or healthcare-related businesses in the same region (pharmacies, GPs, medical practices, optometrists, dentists), please click here ››

How do I get in touch to discuss this?

If you have any questions about Data Privacy, the GDPR or to arrange an initial conversation about how we can help you on your journey to compliance, please contact us on +44 203 934 1099, or email DataPrivacy@chaucer.com