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Businesses that lack a main establishment within the EU territory but are processing personal data of EU residents may be obliged to appoint a local GDPR representative within the EU.

As your locally based expert, an EU Representative will coordinate between your EU data subjects, data protection supervisory authorities and your business.

This is a legal appointment. Along with Company Directors and Company Secretaries, your EU Representative can also be subject to enforcement proceedings in the event of your company’s non-compliance with the regulation.

We take this risk and responsibility very seriously, and have designed a service to ensure the best position possible to defend against a breach or audit.

Do I need an EU Representative?

If any of the following statements are true about your organisation, then you may be obliged to appoint, in writing, a local representative within the EU:

  • Regular processing of sensitive categories of data of EU residents (including medical data, criminal records, union membership, religious or philosophical beliefs)
  • Processing large quantities of data that could result to risks to the rights and freedoms of data subjects if breached (ie risk of identity fraud)
  • Engaging in profiling or market segmentation in the EU

To help you make the right decision, we will be happy to advise on your obligation to appoint an EU Representative.

What can a Chaucer EU Representative do for me?

  • Provide assurance to your business in the face of audits or claims by providing an initial data privacy assessment, followed by ongoing annual audits to present to your Board.
  • Bring experience, qualifications and pragmatism, to deliver the service and provide advice as needed
  • Advise on data privacy matters, more broadly than just the GDPR, to ensure your compliance across all applicable EU-wide regulations.
  • Together with you, establish and maintain your records of processing activities and provide access to our custom-built MI tool, Chaucer’s Data Privacy Navigator™.

Our EU Representative services come in 3 comprehensive levels, designed to meet the needs of your business, and legal requirements under GDPR.

Level 1: Essential Support

  • Appointment as EU Representative: covering up to five EU countries
  • Reporting of EU Activity: 1 report annually
  • Status updates of activity: every 6 months via SKYPE

Level 2: Management Support

  • Appointment as EU Representative: covering up to 10 EU countries
  • Reporting of EU Activity: 2 reports annually
  • Status updates of activity: quarterly via SKYPE

Level 3: Enterprise Support

  • Appointment as EU Representative: covering all EU countries
  • Reporting of EU Activity: quarterly reports
  • Status updates of activity: quarterly via SKYPE

Our EU Representative services can be provided in English, French and German, and is available across several countries in Europe.

The following attributes are also included in all our levels of service:

  • Appointment as EU Representative

  • Reporting of EU Activity

  • Status updates of activity

  • Maintaining your records of data processing activity

  • Answering your general queries relating to data protection and your business

  • Answering queries from data subjects and data protection authorities

I need an EU Representative. What are the next steps?

Once we have assessed your data processing activities and confirmed that you do in fact require an EU Representative, the next steps are straightforward. Our experts will:

EVALUATE: all personal data processing and relevant documents in your company
REPORT: and highlight and advise on any gaps or improvements to support your compliance under GDPR
CREATE: a single source of truth with all necessary records of processing activities for your business
BEGIN: once preparations are complete, we legally register with your chosen data protection authority as your official EU Representative

Who do I call to discuss this?

If you have any questions about Data Privacy, the GDPR or to arrange an initial conversation about how we can help you on your journey to compliance, please contact us on +44 203 934 1099, or email