Third Party Data Privacy Audit

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Risk mitigation is at the heart of UK and EU data protection regulations, forming the foundation of any solid data privacy strategy.

As a Data Controller, your responsibilities under GDPR over employee and customer personal data will also extend to the third-party processors you engage. An important demonstration of this due diligence, whilst providing assurance and mitigating your risk of a breach, is to undertake an independent audit of your suppliers’ compliance.

How can Chaucer help?

In line with ICO or CNIL audit guidelines, we are able draw on our longstanding technical, operational and legal expertise in conducting a third party data privacy audit to report on the level of compliance of your vendors and highlight any exposure your company may not be aware it has.

What can our Third Party Data Privacy Audit deliver?

Our audit solution will focus on the preparedness of your supply chain, specifically involving your data processes and the activity in scope. Designed to show if there are any weaknesses in the GDPR compliance standards and policies of your suppliers, we will also produce a set of recommended compensating controls to address any gaps.

Our comprehensive solution offers:

  • Ultimate confidence in your Data Privacy / GDPR compliance
  • Demonstrable due diligence over your full supply chain
  • Practical advice based on an understanding of your business
  • Maximum control over any potential risk and exposure
  • Independence to raise concerns from within your supply chain, whilst protecting your relationships
  • Tactful working liaison with your suppliers to ensure changes are made, and advising of your risk accordingly
  • Support from Subject Matter Experts with over 30 years of C-Suite level experience

How do I get in touch to discuss this?

If you have any questions about Data Privacy, the GDPR or to arrange an initial conversation about how we can help you ensure your compliance, please contact us on +44 203 934 1099, or email