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Technology transformation in retail has been in the backseat for too long.

It relies on legacy systems and has held back the retail operations in the energy sector from generating revenue growth, improving customer experience or controlling operating costs.

Our Approach

Chaucer provides change management across full lifecycle of a major business transformation programme, from kick-off and requirements analysis through to programme governance, change control, communications and engagement during implementation.

Additionally, expert advisory services are available to support development of target operating design, sourcing/procurement for new service providers, development launch of digital marketing initiatives, and achieving compliance with data privacy regulations.

Before selecting specific technology solutions, the pain points of current operations need to be understood and the stakeholders aligned as to targeted improvements:

  • Move to a service-orientated model including asset maintenance and compliance responsibilities
  • Reduce asset footprint on site to maximise space for retail lines and promotions
  • Reduce time spent on administrative tasks: End of shift, end of day, cash management, inventory management
  • Make more data available more quickly to retail business
  • Enable delivery personalised customer messaging and promotions
  • Speed-up and reduce cost of launching new customer offers, including partner offers
  • Increase flexibility in event of network growth and ownership model changes

When moving to implementation, continual dialogue with local and regional markets is critical. Local operations have often developed unique business processes to get around the constraints of legacy systems. A strongly collaborative approach is needed to align with all stakeholders on the underlying business capability requirements that will drive retail growth and to prepare for a successful implementation.

If you think we can help you to implement your project or programme strategy, please call us on:
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