Event Invitation: Monetising Data – Beyond GDPR

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The GDPR & the forthcoming ePrivacy Act have put a strong spotlight on the vast quantities of data we collect, produce and collate; yet the majority of businesses are not yet using this data to produce demonstrable value.

Event Invitation:

Monetising Data – Beyond GDPR
18th of September @ 18:00
Chaucer Offices, 8th Floor, 10 Lower Thames Street, London, EC3R8HL.

Monetising Data: Beyond GDPR is the first in a series of events exploring the possibilities presented in this post-GDPR world and discussing how to capitalise on them.

Led by Nick Merritt, this opening event will highlight opportunities to capitalise on the customer data your business holds, and on the increased awareness of this data in the public sphere.

The series has been designed to engage a community of professionals facing similar challenges and decisions by creating an environment to articulate and address these data related issues faced by C-Suite Execs and SVPs.

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