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The investment market is undergoing huge transformation, driven by continuous changes in regulation and technology.​​​

Asset Managers are facing a number of challenges such as complex market environments, increased regulation and growing investor demand. Firms are experiencing increased competition as new players enter the market. They are also facing fee pressures and changing investor and product preferences, all whilst operating in a more highly regulated environment.

Similarly, Exchanges are under growing pressure to become more transparent under new regulations such as MiFID II and are therefore being forced to improve their IT infrastructure to meet these new demands. The onus has been put back on operators of platforms (MTFs and OTFs) to ensure market stability and to minimise the risk of flash crashes.

At Chaucer, we use our expertise in technology and data driven change to help firms create a competitive advantage in times of uncertainty and volatility.

How we can help:

  • Building Underlying Value:
    We can help build underlying value in your business to ensure you are in control of outcomes of client experience, as well as optimising your target operating model to more tightly integrate the front to back office to become more efficient and reduce operational risk.
  • Advisory Services:
    We help, with our advisory services, focused across business/technology transition and transformation programmes across all tiers of the technical and business infrastructure of the organisations at whatever level of input that you require. Our team can support you through specific niche programmes including operational delivery, optimisation of target operating model, compliance and regulation, vendor assessment/selection, audits and data driven change.​
  • Global Capabilities:
    We work with asset managers and exchanges across the globe. Whether you are a traditional asset, insurance or pension business or a private equity or hedge fund, we can help you to add value to every functional area, from front to back office. We help clients across the whole spectrum of institutional, intermediary and retail asset managers and exchanges.​

If you think we can help you to implement your project or programme strategy, please call us on:
+44 (0) 203 141 8400 in UK/Europe, or ​​​+1 713 821 1783 in the USA.

Alternatively, please send us some brief information and we can discuss things in more detail.