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Cards and Payments continues to be highly competitive for card issuers, card providers and card platforms with many new independent card and payment providers appearing as a result of application technology.

Successes of online and application payment services such as PayPal, Apple Pay and PingIt along with Telecom providers show that, once again, FinTech as a trend continues to capture an increasing share of the financial transaction markets.

Chaucer has extensive experience in assisting this sector with a whole range of expertise and management support. We have helped implement new products, product reviews, new transaction processes, new loyalty programmes and marketing campaigns behind new launches or functions in existing facilities.

We’ve helped with strategy change programmes, transition and transform projects, implementing new payment technology, and compliance such as PCI:DSS audits, or regulatory reporting MI systems.

Security of cards is another speciality having delivered projects such as cardholder geographic and profile security measures, anti-cloning techniques and online card details security.

Migration, mergers and acquisitions (as traditional and new card providers jostle for position) within the card and payments sector is an area Chaucer has specific knowledge and expertise to bring to the market. Our innovative and experienced team has delivered a number of large scale card migrations and acquisition led integrations.

Whatever your needs in this area, you can be assured of efficient delivery, exceptionally high QA and measurable increases in productivity and profitability.

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