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If you ask organisations in Financial Services what ‘Digital’ means to them you will get numerous different answers. The landscape and market is changing at such rapid speed and diversity that ‘Digital’ means different things to different organisations.

At Chaucer we are very clear about what ‘Digital’ means to Financial Services organisations: opportunities.

It’s an opportunity to re-invent business models, an opportunity to remove legacy systems, an opportunity to deliver an innovation culture and an opportunity to realise new products and services to customers and consumers.

Our Digital practice operates across a horizontal basis, bringing the skills and knowledge from one Financial Services sector to the others. Innovative and digitalised solutions that have become the norm in Retail Banking can be enhanced for the Insurance sector. The data management and data interrogation solutions and approaches used in Insurance could generate opportunities in the Cards and Payments sector. The opportunities go on and on.

Delivering Digital Capabilities for Financial Services:

  • Digital Analytics:
    Using digital solutions and approaches to design, review and interpret data to give competitive advantage to an organisation.
  • Organisation and Culture:
    Moving away from the pure front end customer development we work with organisations to deliver an internal digital culture and identity so they truly become a Digital organisation.
  • Automation and Back Office:
    Creating a back office which is automated, supported by processes and tools which are Digital based and offer both cost reduction and ‘right first time’ capability.
  • Fintech Partners:
    We are vendor neutral, but we do partner with innovative Fintech partners, offering the wrap around of consulting and delivery services complementing the solution provided by our Fintech partners.
  • Strategy and Vision:
    Helping organisations design and develop their Digital roadmap. What do you want to achieve, how long will it take, how do you get there are all defined and interpreted by the Chaucer team.
  • Managing Application Development:
    Working with internal and external teams to create, build and test Applications for use in customer servicing, customer support, customer interaction and developing new products and services within a Financial Services organisation. The use of rapid ‘time to market’ incubators to gain competitive advantage.
  • Digital Change Management:
    A dedicated and focused Digital delivery team, with experience and knowledge on agile delivery and change management. Utilising our Digital capability to deliver operational and delivery excellence to our Financial Services clients.

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