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The insurance sector continues to drive one of the biggest booms in the UK’s economy. Competition for insurance sales is fierce, and organisations are spending large budgets on targeting new customers, maintaining and servicing their existing customer base, whilst juggling a portfolio of new products, initiatives and strategies.

Data management and data analytics is particularly applicable within the Insurance sector and the use of data and how data is interpreted and used across Insurance entities will be a major focus of competitor advantage over the coming years.

Chaucer has helped many of the major insurance brands extend their product and service offerings, and provided expert programme support in a number of new project initiatives. We work as part of your teams, not separate from them.

Customer interaction continues to be driven by new technologies and ever-efficient support processes. We help implement such changes to exacting compliance standards, where the benefits to those organisations has often exceeded planned project expectations.

Merger and acquisition change has been a major influence in the insurance market for some years, with change and process redefinition a major part of corporate progress. Chaucer has helped oversee such strategic plans with calm efficiency and quality leadership or support to these programmes of work. Our clients have benefitted from sensible, pragmatic and efficient change management.

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