Accelerated Innovation in the Life Sciences Ecosystem

In association with Equinix, Chaucer present a panel session to discuss Accelerated Innovation in the Life Sciences Ecosystem .

12:00pm – 01:30pm

24th Sep 2020


How To Register

Accelerated Innovation in the Life Sciences Ecosystem is an invitation-only, video-based virtual event limited to 40 senior business and technology leaders from enterprises in the life science industry

To register, please visit the website using the link below.

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09 Sep, 2020

Accelerated Innovation in the Life Sciences Ecosystem

About The Content

Enterprises responded to the COVID crisis by supporting remote working as a recovery requirement; in many cases, operational performance has been a mixed result. Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Healthcare organizations are increasingly reliant on seamless data integration to enable digital initiatives. From administration of clinical trials, to direct distribution channels and remote patient consultation/monitoring, the pandemic has accelerated delivery timelines on digital initiatives that were in-flight or being contemplated. Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and the internet of things (IoT) are helping by connecting disparate data to yield better insights for improved decision making and planning while keeping patient information safe. Connecting this data requires a secure and interconnected, digital ecosystem. This session will discuss the key industry developments and areas of focus over the next 12 to 24 months as well as perspectives from the acclaimed panelists from industry leading organizations.

Discussion Topics

  • Adapting for changes in patient behavior such as telemedicine and decentralized data
  • Understanding how to support clinical trials in the new normal
  • Overcoming the challenges of interconnected infrastructure in an ecosystem including security, privacy, and organizational culture/change management
  • Innovating in a regulated environment
  • Driving better health outcomes through interconnecting distributed data on a global platform
  • Enabling new medical and IT Edge technologies by shortening the distance between ecosystem partners
  • Understanding the true value of healthcare data (eg prospective versus retrospective data and its differing utility; hype or otherwise of RWD etc)

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