The Business Of Change Is Changing

Join Chaucer as we discuss what change means for leaders and how to inspire transformative change through influence.

08:30am – 11:00am

22nd May 2020

Aqua Shard 31 Saint Thomas Street, London, SE1 9RY

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03 Mar, 2020

The Business Of Change Is Changing

What We’ll Discuss

Change itself  is changing.

Executives across the board are realising it’s vital to not just implement that great platform, new idea, new business model or software, but it’s almost more important to get employees excited, build connections, break down interdepartmental silos, and foster the kind of engagement that fuels innovation and brings lasting results. To do this great leaders must now also be great influencers.

"90% of execs say their company caters to people’s needs when introducing new tech, yet only 53% of staff agree"

From our 30-year experience in with clients across every industry, we’ve seen that effective and substantial change needs to be business led and employee driven. But to do this, the best change leaders need to be able to influence others; understanding their people’s fears, desires and what they think is right or wrong, so they can trigger thought patterns which move employees towards the required behaviours.

Join Chaucer as we discuss what it takes to inspire change, the skills needed to influence and how to successfully implement an Organisational Change Management Framework. We will take examples from over 30 years of experience and invite change management experts to share their insights.

Who Should Attend

This event is for Senior Level Leaders & C-suite executives from organisations, this event is not open to suppliers on this occasion.

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