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13 Jul, 2020

Chaucer & BIP Join Together To Create A Global Advisory Company With €350 Million Expected Revenue

In 2019 Chaucer began an extensive search for an experienced partner who could support our next phase of growth, expand our global footprint, and augment our expertise at scale and pace.

Today we are very excited to announce that we have found that great partner in the form of Business Integration Partners (BIP). They have demonstrated not only the infrastructure to match Chaucer’s ambitions but also the appetite and a synergy with our culture and values and are pleased to join forces now.

BIP are one of Europe’s leading advisory companies and by creating this new partnership with Chaucer, is making its largest ever global investment. BIP already operates in twelve countries across four continents and with this new investment it enables both Chaucer and BIP to build new value and drive growth in existing and new locations.

The partnership with BIP unlocks extensive capability and competencies with more than 700 specialists in Artificial Intelligence, Cybersec, Customer and Employees experience, Industry 4.0 and Digital Marketing.

I will continue to lead Chaucer in the UK and the US while BIP’s CEOs, Carlo Capè and Fabio Troiani, and Chairman, Nino Lo Bianco will continue to drive global group initiatives.

The partnership marks the most significant milestone to date in both Chaucer and BIP’s ambitious plans for global growth.

Carlo Capé said that he is delighted to welcome Chaucer into this exciting new partnership with BIP. It represents a giant leap as we together expand our portfolio around the globe. The natural synergy between Chaucer and BIP and our shared motivation for continuous innovation and digital transformation make our partnership a golden opportunity for growth in a rapidly digitising world. He pointed out that this partnership has come at a difficult moment, with Brexit and the effect of coronavirus. But that we are sure that they represent an opportunity, as consulting services will be the base of the economy rebuild after this dramatic pandemic, while Brexit is creating a stronger bridge between the UK and USA, the two most important countries in consulting services.

I am delighted that Chaucer and BIP are joining together. Chaucer people are a talented and diverse international community, and I saw that reflected in the BIP family.

This next stage of growth creates huge opportunities for both companies, by significantly increasing abilities to enable our clients to become true digital enterprises. I look forward to collaborating with our new colleagues in this truly exciting partnership.

Globally Chaucer and BIP combined are now over 3,000 people strong.

For more information please get in touch with Dani Lindley (dani.lindley@chaucer.com)


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