• Digital Transformation

23 Feb, 2018

How digital changes organisational structures

We are supporting many organisations undergo their digital transformation journeys. Throughout the journey, there comes a tipping point where two parallel tracks emerge – on the one hand there is a need to look for ways to take away heads of departments who have been coasting and relishing in the status quo as they begin to recognise the need for a new digital workforce; on the other hand, these same clients are telling us that they cannon recruit quickly enough to build their new digital capability.

Some organisations historically dislike consultants – perceiving them as adding little value and as an expense or threat to their own careers.

However, in the new digital transformation driven era, consultants are adding even more value, by impartially giving counsel and guidance based on our experiences in leading digital transformation journeys frequently and across more sectors.

We can:

  1. Instil cross sector digital transformation thinking and doing
  2. Accelerate organisational purges and associated changes
  3. Bridge the gap of building the new capability and competitively drive the business forward

For organisations who have made their digital pledge, I would recommend recruiting young people or exploring partnerships with educational institutions, looking at lower age groups (15 to 16-year olds) in colleges to bring digital natives in their organisation.

Chaucer offers advisory services for Digital Transformation, as well as delivery and project management services. Please contact us at DigitalAdvisory@Chaucer.com or 0203 934 1099.


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