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09 Jun, 2021

Getting ahead with B Corp

B Corp certification has been described as the ‘fair trade’ equivalent for socially-responsible companies. B Corp organisations are rigorously assessed to weigh up the societal and economic impact of their activities to help corporate leaders understand how, and why, to build a better business for their workers, community and their wider ecosystem.

At Chaucer we set ourselves the target of achieving B Corp Certification by December 2021. We knew that there were a few areas where we were ahead of the curve, but we were also aware that there would be some areas where we would need to look at our systems and processes to ensure that we really drive the right incomes for our people and our wider ecosystem.

To meet the requirements for certification organisations must reach a minimum of 80 points and commit to people and planet as well as profit. We are currently on that journey seeking to pass 80. Achieving this is not as easy as you might think. It requires commitment from everyone in the business as well as strong support and buy-in from the CEO and management team.

With this challenge in mind we thought we’d share our top seven tips to getting started with B Corp, engaging your teams and building and tracking your score.

Still not ready for plan B Corp?

But, even if you decide that B Corp isn’t yet for you, you can still use B Lab’s free, confidential B Impact Assessment to measure your company’s social and environmental impact.

30 minutes can give you a snapshot of your company’s impact, which includes a basic summary of the things your company excels at and those which it could improve upon. 2 - 3 hours gives you a full impact report, which includes a holistic report on how your company scores on a single impact topic. You can then use this to benchmark how well you have performed against other certified B Corps in your industry.

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