Handling a Ransomware Data Extortion Attack

Join this Chaucer Live Session where we will explore the key considerations for dealing with the aftermath of a severe ransomware attack based on best practice.

03:00pm – 04:00pm

21st May 2021


How To Register

Handling a Ransomware Data Extortion Attack is a video-based virtual event.

To register, please visit the website using the link below.

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22 Apr, 2021

Handling a Ransomware Data Extortion Attack

About The Content

Chaucer acknowledges what Ransomware really is:

  • An attack on the business
  • A potential extinction-level event
  • A Board problem
  • Criminal extortion

If your business has suffered an attack – technology has failed – it's now time to act, in a quick, controlled, well-prepared way, to ensure effective resilient action is taken.

Given the frequency, size and scope of attacks, companies must adopt additional, specific preparation on Ransomware incidents to minimise losses (financial, trust, brand, etc) and demonstrate appropriate diligence in the event of an incident to reduce liability.

Chaucer's Paul Gillingwater, Data Protection and Ethics SME will be joined by Alex Williamson, Cyber Security SME to present an overview of recommendations for dealing with the aftermath of a severe ransomware attack based on best practice. 

Key topics include:

  • Why is Ransomware important?
  • What is Ransomware?
  • Dealing with Ransomware
  • Technical and Organizational Measures to Counter Ransomware
  • Communications Plan
  • Digital Forensics
  • Tactical Matters
  • Behavioural Factors
  • Legal Issues
  • Leadership

Guest speakers will present their own experience formulating and implementing bespoke plans of action for clients, which includes engagement from a wide range of stakeholders and business units within a company, such as legal, comms, HR through to the CEO, CTO, operations and IT.

The session will offer attendees the opportunity to ask questions during a Q&A as well as peer level networking within the session.

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