Innovation Bootcamp: Constructing An Idea Evaluation Process

In association with Idea Drop, Chaucer presents a framework for how organisations can meaningfully innovate services, instead of simply servicing the idea of innovation.

03:00pm – 04:00pm

16th Sep 2020


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By joining our online workshop, you’ll also get exclusive access to a closed online group of innovation experts and thought leaders, where the conversation will continue with support, shared experiences, helpful content and interaction with other innovation leads.

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09 Sep, 2020

Innovation Bootcamp: Constructing An Idea Evaluation Process

About The Content

The idea evaluation phase is perhaps one of the most challenging parts of your innovation process. Well-crafted innovation challenges that have a strong and compelling recognition programme attached to them attract a range of ideas of varying potential, so the question is how to quickly identify the ones that are most likely to help you achieve your innovation goals. It’s also important that you and your whole team have a clear understanding of what makes an idea successful and why some ideas successfully progress through your innovation workflow while others are archived or paused.

Being able to evaluate ideas quickly and at scale is crucial because, like all organisations, you’re short on time and resources. However, the evaluation of ideas isn’t always straightforward, which highlights the importance of having a clear matrix in place through which to evaluate them.

During this online workshop, we’ll be looking at different idea evaluation methods and helping you to map out an evaluation matrix to organise and rank each idea against the metrics that matter for your organisation. Not every idea needs to go through this evaluation process, which is why it’s crucial to learn how to quickly identify which ideas need to go through an extensive evaluation process and which can be ranked based on a quick checklist.

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