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– 28 Aug, 2019

The innovation balance – using Design Thinking

“That is a great idea, let’s develop it!”

Opinion Piece by Nawid Obaydi & John Carey, Design Thinking Consultants

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. Management team huddled up in the boardroom, trying to solve everything all at once. They’ve done it, been there, got the T-shirt and as a result, they start to generate ideas, build squads and progress projects.

A seven-figure budget blown and an extravagant marketing campaign later, the organisation starts to track adoption and receive user feedback.

Fast forward a few months and the management team regroup to review the “positive impact” their solution has made and an hour into the meeting every member of the team is asking the same question:

We’ve spent so much money developing this solution that should’ve solved some of our customers’ key issues. Why are they not adopting it?

Often, leaders within organisations of all sizes prioritise time over quality, constantly thinking of how to rapidly churn out solutions rather than taking a step back and starting with the answer to a fundamental question, “which customer pain-point am I solving with this solution?“.

Without following the Design Thinking process, the answer will almost always be none.

However, there is always one common goal – to embed the solution into their new way of working, for it to be the new norm.

So how can Design Thinking help make my solution the new norm?

Design Thinking is a methodology that allows you to progress from a problem statement to an idea.

We’ve learnt over the years, that a common misconception is that adoption and benefits are ultimately dependent on deployment and communication tactics. We know that adoption is a stepping-stone to benefits and the success of adoption begins when the solution is embryonic.

By embedding continuous customer engagement into your development model, and bringing them on the journey with you, you’ll have some pretty powerful advocates when you market and deploy.

Successful solutions are based on understanding the business needs, the user needs and the potential of technology – it’s in the co-existence of all three where innovation truly thrives.

Like everything in life, it’s all about balance – this methodology is intrinsic to Design Thinking. It should be a constant consideration throughout the innovation process.

This model is simple, yet highly effective and from our experience through presenting Design Thinking to Chaucer’s clients, it can be the difference between failure and success.

To find out more about how Design Thinking could help your business, please get in touch with our Design Thinking experts, and

Nawid Obaydi

Management Consultant

Innovation lead at Chaucer Group, focused on solving complex problems for large blue-chip organisations using Design Thinking. Passionate about the use of Design Thinking to create customer-centric solutions and unlock innovation. Experienced across multiple industries including Oil & Gas, Insurance and Government.

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