Anna Akerman

Management Consultant, Innovation, Policy and Standards Specialist

  • Digital Transformation

– 10 Jul, 2019

Expertise meets Integrity in Public Sector Consulting

Last year 12 of the top 100 global companies used Chaucer to provide transformation management.

Opinion Piece by Anna Akerman, public sector specialist management consultant

Chaucer are experts in the creation and realisation of value through digital transformation journeys. We are proud to have been cited as a top 25 provider of digital transformation by the Financial Times and to have been a finalist in the MCA awards 2018 based on recognised expertise working in the public sector.

Chaucer is a corporate member of the Change Management Institute and the Association for Project Management; it is also a Management Consultants Association accredited firm.

Our public sector clients tell us that we have earned a reputation for honesty, expertise and integrity. Established relationships were forged based on the way we have advised central government and public service organisations to transform their ways of working, develop new capabilities and drive business and cultural change.

Whether providing professional programme management, augmenting project management or PMO teams, we can step-in and provide analyst resources, lead process re-engineering, requirements or benefits identification and mapping, or provide end-to-end technical expertise.

Today Chaucer continues to work alongside strategic leaders, holding a mirror up to programme delivery, acting as a critical friend and a trusted advisor, only offering support where necessary to deliver real value.

What sets Chaucer apart are our values

Personally, I joined Chaucer this year because, as a policy professional with nearly two decades experience in public sector – spent for the most part in Policing, I wanted to be part of an organisation that gets how critical our public services are.

Throughout my career I have specialised in high risk and heavily codified policy areas; armed policing, custody, suicide, and mass fatality disaster management among others.

I chose Chaucer because it is – quite unusually I believe – a professional services organisation that understands as deeply as I do, that every £1 spent in strategic development cannot be invested in vital services for victims of child abuse, spent on the investigation of organised crime, vulnerable school children or community and care services for elderly.

For me efficiency must be meaningful and ethical. Consultancy in my sector is all about delivering powerful change and driving improvement – or else we become part of the problem and waste scarce resources.

I have been impressed so far, and I see these values reflected in the decisions taken by Chaucer leadership and consultants alike. I haven’t ‘turned to the dark side’ – in fact I am proud to say that my company and my colleagues embody this ethos.

Making the case for choosing Chaucer

Public service professionals rightly deserve our respect and support as they grapple with new ways of working and I know that Chaucer have earned the confidence of operational leaders and decision makers.

Our consultants use plain language; we respect operational priorities; and we exist to help unpick some of the most challenging conundrums facing our national infrastructure.

Just as the pace of digital change presents massive opportunities for frontline efficiency and better use of the public purse – slicing away archaic bureaucracy – often the pace of change can be massively challenging on a human level.

Is there a trade-off between efficiency and effectiveness? – these are complex environments and risky decisions. The highly trained doctors, nurses, police officers, teachers and social workers who drive our public services at the sharp end cannot afford to be distracted from delivering a high-quality service.

Beyond integrity, credibility, and professional expertise – there are further 250 substantially good reasons for choosing Chaucer as your public services consultancy – that number is, coincidentally, our current UK based consultant headcount.

At Chaucer we are motivated to make a difference to people’s lives through our work. I chose Chaucer because I believe there is something profoundly liberating about working with people you can trust, pulling in the right direction for the right reasons.

Like to know more?

To help you further understand ‘The Value Of Consulting In The Public Sector’, The Management Consultancies Association have put together a report to highlight the outcomes we are working towards and value derived from consultancy for government clients.

To find out more about consulting in the public sector from Chaucer, please email

Anna Akerman

Management Consultant, Innovation, Policy and Standards Specialist

An innovation-orientated policy professional in law enforcement with 15+ years of experience in project management, business analysis and practice development.

Specialist in high profile, heavily codified and high risk national police policy areas, I ensure that practice change projects are delivered to the highest standards of legal scrutiny in an evidence-based way to time, cost and quality.

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