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– 03 Jun, 2019

Improving Lives: Chaucer CEO Sleepout

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving lives, Chaucer’s leadership team will be taking part in CEO Sleepout to highlight homelessness as an issue across the UK.

Homelessness is all around us, we see it daily – thousands live this way every day and many of us can’t even begin to imagine the struggles they face. In London alone, there are a staggering 170,000 people without a home.

This is something we want to help change, which is why Chris Laslett, Deborah Young, Ed Dennehy, Martin Wassell, Paul Burke, Richard Thwaite and Tim Cray – as Chaucer’s leaders – will be swapping their suits for sleeping bags on the night of the 14th October 2019, to take part in the CEO Sleepout.

… although braving one night in the cold is nothing compared to the reality homeless people face, I am keen to do this as it is a good way to draw attention to the issue. I’m pleased I can help to improve the lives of homeless people even a little and would ultimately like to see a time when nobody has to be homeless.Christopher Laslett, CEO, Chaucer.

Together, they have set an ambitious target of raising £15,000 and you can show your support by donating whatever you can afford here or clicking on the DONATE button above.

Along with everyone at Chaucer, they are proud to support CEO Sleepout, a community driven charity committed to supporting local charities in their host cities, as well as others fighting for a similar cause throughout the UK. CEO Sleepout work to ensure that the majority of money raised is distributed to local charities in the immediate area to fight homelessness and poverty, as well as those charities that work nationally.

Every homeless person has a story and often when you hear this, it makes you appreciate how lucky we are to have a roof over our heads and a comfortable place to live. It takes very little for someone to end up being homeless. I am proud to be helping highlight this issue and addressing it in some small way.Richard Thwaite, Managing Director, Chaucer.

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Helena McAleer

Senior Marketing Manager

With over 10 years industry experience, Helena leads all marketing at Chaucer.

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