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Management Consultant & CSR Lead

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– 06 Jun, 2019

Improving Lives: Pride Month

At Chaucer, we have made a commitment to improve lives through the work that we do – this is something we believe in passionately. We’ve seen first-hand how digital transformation can improve the lives of our clients, their customers and our employees.

This initiative is why Diversity & Wellbeing is front and centre at Chaucer. This month – marking 50 years since the Stonewall riots – we will be supporting Chaucer’s own LGBT+ community by celebrating Pride Month.

The focus of the Diversity & Wellbeing Team is on raising awareness, providing support and encouraging representation. Throughout the month of June, we will be doing this both inside and outside of Chaucer.

We value our employees' diversity and wellbeing and promote an inclusive and healthy environmentDiversity & Wellbeing Team

Some of these initiatives will be quite visible, like changing our logo on our LinkedIn and Twitter accounts during this month, to demonstrate our firm support of the LGBT+ community and show that we offer a safe and welcoming work environment.

In direct support of the LGTB+ community, we are also co-sponsoring and participating in the Pride Run 10k. This gives our internal LGBT+ community and allies an opportunity to come together by either volunteering, running or cheering on those who are at the event on August 10th.

We recognise that as consultants, it can take more courage to bring your whole self to work and our people do this on every single assignment and with every new client.

Throughout this month, we will continue to raise awareness and demonstrate our ‘Pride’ and our commitment to our LGBT+ employees. We want both our employees and our clients – current and future – to feel comfortable knowing that LGBT+ people will always be safe, accepted and respected at Chaucer.

At Chaucer, we believe in empowering our people, and our ‘Pride Month’ initiatives have all been identified by our consultants and endorsed by Chaucer CSR. To find out more about what Chaucer are doing in CSR and Diversity & Wellbeing, please email

Analah Fawcett

Management Consultant & CSR Lead

Analah is Chaucer’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Lead; passionate about improving lives, in and outside of Chaucer.

With 10+ years’ experience working as a Change Management Consultant, she has helped high profile clients navigate complex behavioural and cultural change, focusing on innovation and digital transformation these past few years.

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