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– 26 Feb, 2020

MCA Awards Finalists 2020

Chaucer are proud to that the hard work and dedication of our Management Consultant, Sylvie Zaman and her team have been recognised by the Management Consultants Association (MCA). 

The annual MCA Awards showcases the projects, individuals and firms in the UK’s Management Consulting industry who are making the greatest positive impact to the lives of our clients and society.

Since becoming a member of the MCA five years ago, our consultants’ achievements have been recognised in our key areas of Change Management and Technology & Data. Our leadership in the digital era, and the passion and creativity of our Young Consultants has not only been awarded, but has helped shaped our business.

This year the tremendous work of our Upstream Digital team at BP has earned a finalist position in the Technology & Data Project of the Year (private sector) category. The programme’s Delivery Lead, Sylvie Zaman, is also a finalist for the Team Leader of the Year award.

Team Leader Of The Year

BP partnered with Chaucer to accelerate the digitising of their Upstream Digital function core business. New ways of working now drive opportunities for future operational efficiency, and technology is used as an enabler to lay the digital foundations for BP’s future business. The competitive advantage has been evidenced in new products developed by empowered teams.

By shifting focus to the entire value stream of delivery, BP is now able to identify new projects to advance the low carbon future agenda. These projects enable BP to address the global impact of climate change by taking advantage of progress in new technology. This all aligns with their ambition of being net zero carbon emissions by 2050. 

Full List of Award Nominations


Chaucer with BP


Sylvie Zaman, Chaucer

We look forward to finding out who the winners are on April 23rd. 

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