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– 11 May, 2020

The Unexpected Benefits Of Agile Remote Working

“The most efficient and effective method of conveying information to and within a development team is face-to-face conversationis one of the twelve principles of the agile manifesto, though impossible to achieve during a pandemic.

What we at Chaucer have learnt over the past few weeks is that surprisingly this isn’t essential for agile teams to work well together in fact, quite the opposite is true. This blog explores the unexpected benefits of remote working Agile teams.

Face to Face communication has been the preferred choice due to the ability to have conversations and the immediate response times. Emails often lead to misunderstandings if read in a way that is unintended by the sender. Face to face encourages teams to talk to each other, to avoid working in silos and to create solutions together.

Responding to change over following a plan is one of the key values for agile teams. Businesses are realising they need to come up with new responses to ensure business continuity. Innovation is required to transition entire companies to the sudden remote working. Teams are adapting to new ways of working and evolving to find new ways to thrive. The benefits we’re seeing include:

Equality. Previously, people experienced scrum ceremonies differently, some were face to face, whilst others felt on the margins by attending virtually. Now each attendee has the same virtual experience. All participants can see who is speaking at any given time and they can all clearly see what is being shared on the screen. This overcomes the bias that would usually occur to those in the room over those attending virtually. 

Speed. Scrum masters are no longer having facilitate multiple communication channels. It is easier to identify those not engaging and allows the scrum master to bring them into the conversation. This allows more room for creative thinking and problem solving as a team and results in faster decision making.

Transparency. The use of technology is encouraging people to talk to the ‘whole team’, anyone that has information to share can do so, everyone can respond, and all team members will see the same information. This is a great way to bring transparent and open communication to the team.

It’s widely anticipated that we will be facing a ‘new normal’ post pandemic one that will likely result in more remote working, but as we can see that this is nothing to be feared. Collaboration is thriving as are agile ways of working. So, if you haven’t considered the benefits of agile, maybe now is the right time to do so.

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Rachelle Furnell

Management Consultant - Scrum Master

Rachelle is passionate about agile ways of working and enjoys helping teams come together towards a common goal with the aim of continuous improvement at the forefront.

She takes a pragmatic approach with clients to ensure a fit for purpose approach and is adaptive to the environment through her multi-industry experience.

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