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We recruit great people and actively encourage our consultants to move and work across industries and service lines.

90% of our consultants are not attached to one specific team and are free to move between accounts and industries.

Our Senior Leadership Team factor development needs and preferences into resourcing decisions, as well as client and company needs. We encourage consultants to explore different service lines and areas of the business, to build a strong and well-rounded set of consulting skills and tools.

Our HR systems and processes mirror the ‘start up’ culture that we have developed after 30 successful years in management consulting. We provide structure and opportunities while leaving our consultants to self-direct their learning.

Regardless of at which level you enter Chaucer, and at which position, we have a flat structure that promotes based on merit and rewards based on contribution, not negotiating power.


Coaching at Chaucer focuses on discovery and development.

It isn’t just about short term performance, but guiding individuals on their path through the organisation. By empowering people to take control of their own careers, coaches at Chaucer help to create an environment where learning is at the core of every interaction.

Consultants and staff are trusted to prioritise their own needs, map out who could best deliver, and engage them directly. Trust and respect are critical for this relationship to create real value.

Coaches are not involved in day to day management or performance related issues, they are there to be an honest sound board, to challenge thinking, and to inspire others to become active leaders.


The best way to learn and develop quickly is with well delivered, thoroughly thought through feedback.

We use feedback as a tool for real time development, reward and recognition.

All Chaucer staff undertake a practical training programme to learn how to receive and give feedback, to anyone in the organisation. This is one of those great skills that does not just help create a more open, trusting and progressive environment, but is applicable in life more broadly.

By taking a continuous approach to feedback, we are embedding it within our culture, so we become stronger together, and because of each other.

Learning & Development

We actively promote a learning culture, both with specific courses and by rewarding people bold enough to experiment with new ideas.

For most of Chaucer, L&D is largely self-directed, which means people engage where they want to, aligning with their goals and career ambitions with the help and support of their coach.

All training we keep as relevant, engaging, and accessible as possible. This is one area that our consultants really take pride in, particularly when it comes to sharing new skills or areas of interest.

Because all of our consultants are client facing from day one, we have created a unique Programme of Learning for our Junior Consultants, to ensure they gain the soft and hard skills needed to be successful consultants. As with our broader, company-wide L&D initiatives, the programme is supported and often lead by our Service Lines (Change Management, Programme Delivery Excellence, etc), meaning we are drawing on the brains of senior staff who are trusted to develop such programmes for the likes of BP, Pfizer, and numerous other clients.

Progression & Recognition

We know that our people are our real asset.

Our employee engagement initiatives motivate staff and ensure everyone is focused and energized to deliver the goals of the company, acknowledging and recognising the value each person brings to the team.

Consultants at Chaucer are encouraged to take ownership of their own career progression and development. We enable many possible avenues of growth; sometimes with advanced certifications in Project Management or Graduate Degrees or alternatively a more entrepreneurial route and a focus on developing business opportunities.

Whichever path you choose, our reward structure is designed to recognise and celebrate your achievements. We use public recognition, feedback, bonuses, promotions, salaries, team activities, just to name a few, to thank our people and teams for their work and contribution to assignments and Chaucer.

Knowledge Management

When a client engages Chaucer they aren’t just getting the benefit of individuals’ knowledge and experience, they can be confident of receiving the benefit of the whole Chaucer Group.

Our KM team are dedicated to ensuring knowledge across the company is quality, recorded, and accessible; it is after all one of the most important assets we have.

So how does this work?

We are constantly looking around us for knowledge that could be put to use, such as regular retrospectives on current assignments, lessons learned from completed projects and best practice from the different industries we support. We find ways to adapt and apply that knowledge in different contexts, innovating and improving our methods as we go. We share and pass on that knowledge to each other and to our clients.

Our dedicated Knowledge Manager is supported in her quest to see knowledge embedded throughout our organisation by Subject Matter Experts, who develop and curate our gold standard ways of working.

KM events enjoy some of the highest rates of participation for good reason: they are vibrant, creative examples of the benefits of collaboration and valuable methods of knowledge sharing.

This constantly evolving space is core to our integration between UK/Europe and US team members as well.

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