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You need professional, capable and reliable people. On average, our life sciences consultants have spent at least twelve years working in the sector before joining our team​.

We understand your problems and opportunities and bring real empathy to your situation, while helping you to deliver on your objectives.

However, we’re also careful not to confuse experience with innovation. Many of today’s challenges in the life sciences require a change in mind-set to develop solutions that disrupt the status quo. Playing around the edges just doesn’t cut it any more.

We keep our team on their toes by complementing deep life science experience with fresh thinking consultants with diverse backgrounds from other sectors and cutting edge technologies just begging to be transferred.

Our mission is to get your business transformation delivered.

Our depth and breadth in the life sciences sector allows us to support some of the world’s best recognized brands in pharma, med-tech, and biotech to deliver high impact change across the drug continuum and across corporate functions.

Our proven team of consultants have an average of 12 years of industry experience prior to joining our team. By partnering with Chaucer, you will gain access to our team of consultants with rich experience and technical know-how. Our flexible and pragmatic approach allows us to bring new and innovative ways of working at an optimal cost to our clients.

The following are key advantages afforded to our clients when choosing Chaucer as a partner:

  • Experience: Not only have we been a global life sciences focused organization for the past three decades, but we have been working with some of the world’s best recognized companies, helping them address their most complex problems. We offer depth and breadth in industry, and also a special understanding of the unique challenges that life sciences companies continuously face.
  • Innovation: We’re at the forefront of innovative concepts and service offering that help our clients solve industry challenges. We leverage our work in other highly regulated sectors to bring cross-industry experience, new ideas and ways of working to our life sciences clients.
  • Boutique Service: We bring the benefit of working with an experienced on-site team, supported by a strong bench of experience in executing effective programs and projects. We’re direct, transparent and remove the complexity many companies may experience with other consulting companies.
  • Exceptional Execution: We have many long-standing clients with great client retention that all comes down to our delivery excellence. We are focused on getting your program delivered and have executed over 4,000 successful programs since our inception.​

What a great team we make! We’ve now got an executable strategy combining technology and process to deliver on our Risk Based Monitoring objective. Senior Director Operations, Tier 2 Pharma Company

If you think we can help you to implement your project or programme strategy, please call us on:
+44 (0) 203 141 8400 in UK/Europe, or ​​​+1 713 821 1783 in the USA.

Alternatively, please send us some brief information and we can discuss things in more detail.