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Where does your organisation stand regarding Clinical Data Transparency? If you have a policy in place relating to this then that’s a good start.

Having an outward-facing policy can provide your customers with an understanding of how your company views transparency and how you treat requests for data. Certain regulations instruct how you should disclose certain data in a timely manner across different geographies.

Whatever piece of the clinical data transparency puzzle you would like to look at we can help you make a start. Even if you are mature in your thinking we can look down the line as you identify systems to support data sharing to academia and research. Perhaps your organisation is ready for a change to reduce cost and provide better functionality or new methods. As the market matures it is always worth a second look.

Where we can help

We can support you in your policy and framework to operate with regards to clinical data transparency. This could include:

  • Supporting you from a consultancy basis on the regulation from the EMA on policy 70
  • Advising what technology you should implement and when for disclosure of information
  • Investigating the benefits of outsourcing certain tasks that do not add value to your organisation

Understanding your culture as an organisation and your products will help us bring together the views of different customers in your organisation. This includes Regulatory, Clinical, Commercial and legal.

Making transparency part of your day to day activity may also evolve to the use of metadata and standards, structured authoring and de-identification of data. It may even put into question the reuse of your own data internally in an anonymised format.

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