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Clinical trials have matured in recent times, such as by adapting in their trial design to cater for more personalised medicines and by becoming more centred on the patient.

The same challenges exist however:

  • To achieve more cost efficiencies in the process
  • To meet the patients’ needs to get the medicines to them faster.

Instrumental to this are Statisticians who can not only design the best trials, but also provide the Therapy Area knowledge and represent the data with the regulatory authorities.

Our Track Record

Our case studies show evidence of trials using less patients through adaptive study designs, that meet the needs of the most complicated Oncology trials, as well as providing representation to the regulators of how a trial can be simplified to meet the growing needs in say Anti-Infective medicines.

Our Team

At Chaucer we provide Statistical consultancy from pre-clinical through to your marketing trials. We cover an array of core and specialised Therapy Areas and can support anything from a day’s input to design, to overseeing and managing your portfolio of trials, through to approval of your product.

Our Statistical consultants can either complement the statistical support you already have within your company, can provide challenge and oversight, or can be your Statistical representation across your whole portfolio.

If you think we can help you to implement your project or programme strategy, please call us on:
+44 (0) 203 141 8400 in UK/Europe, or ​​​+1 713 821 1783 in the USA.

Alternatively, please send us some brief information and we can discuss things in more detail.