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Chaucer’s Record and Information Management approach has been developed over many years. Using our experience delivering transformation and improvement in highly regulated industries such as Life Sciences, Energy and Financial Services we ensure an expert approach to your Record and Information Management.

Our global team works in partnership with clients to ensure alignment of Chaucer best practice and the client’s environmental considerations for the best value and fastest-paced Record Management projects. Chaucer has been delivering Records Management projects in highly regulated environments across business and country borders across the globe for many years.

Chaucer RIM services:

  • Chaucer global Records Management (RM) team deliver strategic advisory service to companies worldwide.
  • The entire spectrum of RM, including policy development, systems consolidation, migration, and archiving.
  • We utilise a Records Management maturity model to determine the capability and readiness. The model is used to identify risks and difficulties in implementing records management projects.
  • Our global team works in partnership with clients to ensure the coming together of Chaucer best practice and the client environmental considerations aligned to delivery the best value and fastest paced RM projects.
  • GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation – Chaucer provide a full suite of services for GDPR assessment through to a health check to ensure your GDPR program is on track. Click here for more details.

Chaucer past projects include:

  • Consolidation of global regulated document management systems.
  • Design and implementation electronic records structured and unstructured archiving processes and systems.
  • Mergers and Acquisition Programme Management and execution, physical and electronic records. Chaucer utilise PMO Flex a scalable and flexible PMO methods that provides a right sized solution to implement your transformation.

Chaucer Records Management Health Check

Chaucer provide health check assessments for many business areas, we utilise our Health Check approach based on the high level areas of Records Management define below:

Policy and Procedure
We will look at your policy and procedures and check that they are maintained and used.

Retention and Disposal
We analyse retention schedules currently in place  to help ensure records are destroyed in a timely and appropriate manor.

Index and Discovery
We can help you look at your records to make sure records are appropriately classified and stored in accessible locations that support discovery and retention.

Security and Privacy
We look at controls in place to ensure appropriate access, helping you find gaps where you may not have PPI and other regulations that restrict distribution and access of records in place.

Education, Assurance and Audit
We can help you find the areas where you need to improve staff training, reminders of obligations or audits carried out to assess compliance and effectiveness of policy.

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