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Protecting your Mergers and Acquisitions deal value with expert Post-Merger Integration. Chaucer helps to ensure swift integration by solving problems before they become problems.

We understand your problems and opportunities and bring real empathy to your situation, while helping you to deliver on your objectives. However, we’re also careful not to confuse experience with innovation.

Many of today’s challenges in the life sciences require a change in mind-set to develop solutions that disrupt the status quo. Playing around the edges just doesn’t cut it any more.

The potential scope and scale of the integration provides strategic and delivery challenges:

  • The overriding challenge of Post Merger Integration (PMI) is coordination that assures continuity of operations
  • Chaucer’s PMI approach is focused on ensuring systems and processes are integrated quickly
  • Chaucer has the experience, tools and cost-effective sourcing models that can be adjusted to meet client needs

Thirty years of growing and testing our capability means that we can:

Mobilize quickly

Provide strong program management, governance and assurance

Manage people and align them to your vision

Ensure the commitment of key stakeholders

Deploy flexible & realistic operational design

Maintain pace

Gather a deep understanding of R&D and business functions, processes and data flows

Providing years of experience

You need professional, capable and reliable people. On average, our life sciences consultants have spent at least twelve years working in the sector before joining our team.

We keep our team on their toes by complementing deep life science experience with fresh thinking consultants with diverse backgrounds from other sectors and cutting edge technologies just waiting for the opportunity to be transferred.

Our Services

The Chaucer Structured M&A Model

Combines Chaucer Program Delivery Excellence (PDE) and Chaucer M&A experience to provide structured approach to delivering Post Merger Integration and realizing synergies

The Chaucer 3D Integration

3D is a tested approach to clinical, regulatory and safety data and regulated content integration that reduces lost time, minimizes financial and regulatory risk and creates a positive impact across functional relationships

Chaucer PMI: 3D

PMO Flex™

A flexible and scalable service model based on 30 years of cross-industry experience, that will improve the effectiveness of your PMO.

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Chaucer’s Post Merger Integration Playbook: The right tools for the job

Process and Due Diligence Tools

Governance, Roles, Responsibilities and Report Tools

System and Data Integration Strategy: Regulatory Systems, Content Management & Documents, Safety Systems, Clinical Trial Systems, Global Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control (GCMC) Regulatory

Post Merger Integrations: A track record of success

$68bn Large Pharmaceutical Company

Chaucer established the framework for and delivered the migration of physical and electronic content from one large pharma as part of a merger.

$17bn Biosimilar Pharmaceutical Company

100’s of assets, 100+ completed studies, 32 active clinical trials and an upcoming submission. Chaucer established the framework for the PMO, developed strategy and process and executed across Regulatory, Safety and Clinical domains.

$14bn Oncology Drug Company

Six assets, 23 ongoing clinical trials total and two pending submissions. Chaucer established the framework for the PMO, developed strategy and process whilst executing across regulatory, safety and clinical domains.

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