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P3M delivery

Single source of truth

It’s a common situation; time and money are invested in project, programme or portfolio delivery, but organisations don’t get the results they need.

A single perspective is dominating delivery, meaning vision, strategy and commitment have become skewed, and you lack comprehensive oversight of the many moving parts.

Chaucer’s project, programme and portfolio management (P3M) service brings order, transparency and insight to delivery.

We make the connections between every component of success, become a seamless part of our clients’ teams, interrogate all available data, and quickly establish a single source of truth for all project information.

With full understanding of the business case for projects, we operate within those boundaries, and ensure solid governance, risk, financial, resource and demand management.

Upskilling the organisation as we go is part our mandate and we find new ways of optimising project performance throughout. We are agile and committed to bringing value to the entire organisation.

Project, Programme and Portfolio Management

We bring a systematic approach to organisations taking fact-based business decisions. We establish rigorous governance across all aspects of programmes: from RAID logs to project plans, interdependencies, status reports and stakeholder management. We are agile, people-focused and driven by your organisation’s target results.

Risk Management

We provide decision makers with risk based situational awareness focusing on risk management for both external and internal stakeholders. We work with teams to identify, analyse, plan responses, and define actions plans to mitigate risk and enable reliable business decisions.

Business Analysis

We improve quality and efficiency, reduce risks and costs by analysing business situations and identifying opportunities to improve business systems and processes. Working closely with your teams, we understand and analyse your current processes, problems and visualise your desired future-state. We then identify and develop solutions, documenting requirements and ultimately delivering solutions that provide value across the organisation.

Benefits Tracking and Assessment

We assist clients framing the benefits definition challenge and, using a combination of both backward- and forward-looking methodologies, we guide them to reach an estimation of value generated by their projects.

To discuss your organisation’s P3M delivery needs with one of our experts, please complete the form below and a member of our consultants will be in touch.

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