SharpCloud is visual, data-driven software for high level strategic planning, communication and collaboration. Designed for teams and built to scale to deliver enterprise strength solutions across your business activities.

Named Gartner Social Software and Collaboration ‘Cool Vendor’ in 2015, SharpCloud’s top down approach to collaboration enables teams to smash business silos and identify valuable new business insight.

We announced our partnership with SharpCloud in early 2017 but have been working together for far longer than that. Integrated with our specialism and industry knowledge,
SharpCloud is an agile way for teams to visually collaborate and dynamically present and report meaningful strategic insights to stakeholders.

We have formed a partnership to meet the growing market need for data visualisation and dynamic reporting focusing on our areas of expertise; Consulting, Digital & Technology, Financial Services, Energy and Life Sciences. Working together, SharpCloud and Chaucer will offer best working practices around consulting and insightful software for business.

Enterprise customers will receive a unique service with Chaucer being responsible for the process and data integration, alongside SharpCloud software providing the best solution to problems around project and risk management, enabling more meaningful insight, more efficiency and ensuring a saving of both time and money.

To find out more about how we can help you use SharpCloud solutions and services in your business, please call us on on:
+44 (0) 203 141 8400 in UK/Europe, or +1 713 821 1783 in the USA.

Alternatively, please send us some brief information and we can discuss things in more detail.