Chaucer / PMOFlex®

Year-on-year projects and programmes continue to increase in size and complexity, despite all the advances in methodologies, training courses, online apps and people with the title Project Manager, it is true to say that more projects fail than succeed.

PMOFlex® is our response to this problem. It reduces cost, simplifies programmes and gives you a certainty of outcomes and deliverables delivered by our team of PMO specialists that work alongside your team to deliver your programme benefits and outcomes. We are not here to weigh you down with unnecessary process, resource or methodologies we only apply the PMO delivery capability you need.​

With over 30 years of cross-industry experience we have developed PMOFlex®, a tailored and scalable service model that delivers outcomes, not just checkpoints.

PMOFlex® makes the difference by focusing on real and tangible outcomes. It focuses on activities that will create real value for you. It utilises our expertise to drive confidence, minimise waste and optimise benefits.​​

Our track record speaks for itself:

84% of broken programmes we are asked to help with meet and/or exceed our clients expectations​

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If you think we can help you to implement your project or programme strategy, please call us on:
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