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Elodie De Fontenay

Insight Partner – Data & AI

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Blog 18 Feb, 2022

Data Science & Analytics, Data, Workplace


How to do more with...

18 Feb, 2022

Elodie De Fontenay

Insight Partner – Data & AI

Blog 13 Oct, 2021

Data, Data Literacy, Data Culture, Data Creativity

Data literacy – maximising your business

Data is every company’s most valuable resource (after their people), with estimates suggesting that around 7.5...

13 Oct, 2021

Elodie De Fontenay & Jill Dawson

Insight Partner, Data & AI / Head of Marketing

Blog 23 Jul, 2021

Data Strategy, Data Science & Analytics, Data Visualisation, Data, Data Ethics

Five risks of getting ‘return to work’ wrong and how to avoid them

Elodie de Fontenay, Insight Partner - Data and AI at Chaucer explains why employers which aren’t effectively planning...

23 Jul, 2021

Elodie De Fontenay

Insight Partner – Data & AI

Blog 17 Jun, 2021

Digital Transformation, Data, AI

Chaucer and BIP xTech's point of view on the new European Union Artificial Intelligence Act

“If our era is the next industrial revolution, as many claims, Artificial Intelligence is surely one of the...

17 Jun, 2021

Blog 21 Apr, 2021

Digital Transformation, Data, Data Ethics, AI

Responsible Data: about AI and its new risks, and the draft EU law to regulate them

Do you remember when Uncle Ben told Peter Parker that “with great power comes great...

21 Apr, 2021