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Return to the workplace

Using advanced analytics for a safe and inclusive workplace strategy

One of the biggest challenges facing organisations today is developing and communicating their workspace strategy. A strategy that can effectively balance organisational and people needs in covid-secure environments to understand why to come back, when to come back and how to come back.

With duty of care firmly under the spotlight, it’s imperative to fully grasp the needs and wants of employees, partners, clients, and suppliers. There are infinite variables to consider when planning for people returning to the office and this is further complicated as different stakeholders can have very different needs such as operations, cost, flexibility, pastoral care, sustainability and safety.

Using advanced analytics means stakeholders can use data to visualise how return to the workplace strategies can impact different parts of a business as well as plan and communicate smarter return to the workplace plans with their teams.

Key benefits:

Organisations who prepare well for return to the office will be best placed to attract and retain staff, manage risk, increase competitive advantage and build brand equity through informed, ethical and pragmatic decision making.

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To learn more contact:

Elodie de Fontenay, Insight Partner, Data and AI
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